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Report Writing for Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence

Report Writing for Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence

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Publication Date: Aug 2022

Online Resource
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Author: Boardman, Justin

This training was featured on the agenda for the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence - 2022 Trauma-Informed Symposium, held on August 11-12, 2022.

If you are interested in receiving this training virtually or in-person, please visit the LETTAC training and technical assistance page - Training and Technical Assistance - LETTAC.

This training encompasses the basic-to-intermediate aspects of report writing. Over the years, domestic violence and sexual assault investigations have evolved with our knowledge about these crimes; however, across the country, the reports submitted by law enforcement regarding these crimes have not changed greatly. Police reports are the foundation of successful prosecution, and the writing, processes, and theory behind the documentation should advance forward, much like law enforcement investigations have evolved.


Documentation and Report Writing

VAWA Crime(s):

Dating Violence Domestic Violence Sexual Assault


Chief/Sheriff/Executive First Line Supervisor Investigator/Detective Patrol Officer/Deputy Prosecutor