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Personalization for Accessibility

Our standardized approach includes optimization for an enhanced experience relating to accessible features provided on the Web. Specifications are not limited to the listed features provided, such as enhanced capabilities, defined visuals, technology geared for multimedia, and standardized ratios for accessibility.

Font Options

Some fonts and typefaces are easier to understand for individuals than others. An accessible font is a font that does not exclude, nor slow down reading speed of any person using the site, including those with blindness, vision loss, and reading disorders. Choosing the right font improves the legibility and readability for everyone; the typeface chosen meets the highest standards geared for a general audience.

Focus and Visual Options

The key purpose of focus is to give a user guidance. Our accessibility features considerations for a user who can only use a keyboard to traverse the LETTAC application. To a user with low or no vision, our considerations have the highest value while keeping the website aesthetically pleasing.

Text-to-speech tools and screen reader compatibility

All content on LETTAC can be copied and pasted into a text-to-speech tool with no barriers. Our site is designed to follow a logical reading order and semantic structure rather than work with any specific screen reader. If you are experiencing issues with reading particular parts of the site, contact us, and we can assist you.

Text alternatives for visual content

Images and icons, as well as many images in the content itself including navigation, contain useful alternative text. When alt text and long descriptions are available in the content, these are transcribed within the written content and read with a screen reader. Some titles may not have an alternative available, particularly older ones or graphics by third parties that may not represent these items with alt text. If you encounter an image that does not have alternative text, and you need one, you can request alternative text for specific images by contacting us.