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Proactive Police Response to Domestic-Related Repeat Calls for Service

Proactive Police Response to Domestic-Related Repeat Calls for Service

44 Pages

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
U.S. Department of Justice
Santos, Roberto
Santos, Rachel
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Proactive Police Response to Domestic-Related Repeat Calls for Service

Publication Date: 2023

In this publication, the authors address domestic violence as a pervasive concern for the community and police. Research shows that when police can intervene during early stages of emotional, verbal, or physical abuse, this is critical to preventing violence.  As first responders, police are in a unique position to assist in social service and public health efforts to prevent and reduce domestic violence. Police often witness problematic relationships and dynamics in families before the victim advocates, doctors, and other service providers. Police respond to domestic-related calls for service more than any other calls they receive, though many times these calls do not lead to arrest.

This guide delivers a process for proactive police response to repeat calls for service at residences. This is called domestic-related repeat incidents or DRRI. The process does not diminish what police and the criminal justice system currently do for domestic violence crimes and victims, but provides a new and different strategy for repeat, non-criminal offenses. 


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