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Demystifying Digital Safety & Empowering Survivors of Abuse

Demystifying Digital Safety & Empowering Survivors of Abuse Podcast

Agency: Conference on Crimes Against Women

Author: Dodge, Adam

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Demystifying Digital Safety and Empowering Survivors of Tech-Enabled Abuse

Publication Date: 2023

In this podcast, Adam Dodge confronts technology as intimately intertwined with our daily lives. For people in abusive relationships, the internet and social media can become a perpetrator's playground. According to expert in tech-enabled abuse Adam Dodge, 'The average person has 80 apps on their phone and 90 online accounts. That's 170 different ways that somebody can reach out and monitor you, impersonate you, threaten you, stalk you, steal sensitive information and post it online, cause financial harm, send you unwanted photos, steal photos and post them online. The list goes on and on.' Adam Dodge also points out that 'in order to survive and thrive in the modern era you have to exist online.' In this podcast, Adam Dodge exposes the hazards of living online while demystifying the process of creating a digital safety plan, the pertinence of gathering evidence of technology abuse, and how one might create a legal system that allows these crimes to be properly investigated.


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