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A DV Court Planning Road Map: The Tulalip Tribes’ Experience

A DV Court Planning Road Map: The Tulalip Tribes’ Experience

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Agency: Center for Court Innovation

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A Domestic Violence Court Planning Road Map: The Tulalip Tribes’ Experience

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Publication Date: 2021

This publication details the initial planning stages of the Tulalip Tribes of Washington in developing a designated Domestic Violence Court to process all domestic violence cases in the tribal community. This initiative was motivated by the realization that domestic violence cases require special attention in order to be safely and effectively addressed. Through this Domestic Violence Court, the tribal court can provide extra security and ensure that staff are trauma-informed and trained to handle both offenders and victims, with the primary goals of holding offenders accountable and protecting victims. Additionally, the docket allows for consistency throughout a case, with the same judge hearing a case from arraignment all the way through probation. The resource can serve as a road map for other communities interested in a similar approach.


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Domestic Violence


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