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Webinar: Intimate Partner Human Trafficking

Webinar:  Intimate Partner Human Trafficking Webinar

Agency: AEquitas

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Webinar: Intimate Partner Human Trafficking: The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Sexual Exploitation

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Publication Date: 2022

Learn to investigate and prosecute crimes of intimate partner human trafficking and recognize the methods of control used by these offenders. 

Human traffickers control their victims through force, fraud, and coercion. In the case of intimate partner sex trafficking, these methods of control are uniquely manipulative and difficult to identify. Understanding the historical and circumstantial factors that lead to vulnerabilities exploited by traffickers in these relationships allows law enforcement and prosecutors to more successfully address and minimize harm to victims while effectively investigating and prosecuting human trafficking cases.

This presentation describes how, in addition to violence and threats, traffickers exploit feelings of love and loyalty to maintain power over their victims and perpetrate sex trafficking and related crimes. The presenters discuss the importance of identifying victims of intimate partner human trafficking to ensure victim safety and provide access to services and support while at the same time articulating offender conduct to ensure they are held accountable for their actions.


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Domestic Violence Trafficking in Tribal Nations/Communities


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