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A Roadmap to Success: Building a Co-Responder Program

A Roadmap to Success: Building a Co-Responder Program for Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

Publication Date: 2024

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This resource, developed by LETTAC, is a guide for law enforcement, victim advocates, and community partners wanting to implement a co-responder program. The guide identifies successful strategies to create and implement a partnership-based program to provide greater access to justice for victims/survivors or gender-based violence, particularly those from culturally specific and marginalized communities.


Collaboration and Partnerships Determining Primary Aggressors Documentation and Report Writing Investigations Policy/Protocol Development Serving Culturally Specific Communities Strangulation Trauma

VAWA Crime(s):

Dating Violence Domestic Violence Sexual Assault


Chief/Sheriff/Executive First Line Supervisor Other Role Patrol Officer/Deputy Special Victims Unit


Alaska College and University Campuses Rural Suburban Territories Tribal Nations/Tribes Urban