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Sexual Assault Justice Initiative (SAJI)

Sexual Assault Justice Initiative (SAJI) Online Resource

Agency: AEquitas

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Sexual Assault Justice Initiative (SAJI)

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Publication Date: 2021

SAJI is a partnership among AEquitas, the Justice Management Institute (JMI), and the Urban Institute. The Initiative was funded in July 2016 by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). The goal of SAJI is to develop and implement a set of performance measures for sexual assault prosecutions. These measures will target accountability-related outputs and outcomes, such as appropriateness of sentence, support for victims, and victim satisfaction, rather than focusing solely on conviction rates. With a method to evaluate these outcomes, we can develop and refine sustainable prosecution practices that contribute to success in these cases. SAJI will implement and test the effectiveness of these measures and practices in seven pilot-site jurisdictions. SAJI presents a unique opportunity to not only measure success but to improve how the justice system in general, and prosecution in particular, responds to sexual assault cases. To that end, AEquitas and its partners have developed the Model Response to Sexual Violence for Prosecutors: An Invitation to Lead (RSVP Model) to guide prosecution practices. The RSVP Model promotes the effective use of available evidence and employment of trial strategies, while stressing the importance of collaboration and coordination among allied professionals. The RSVP Model serves as the foundation for the development of easy-to-implement performance measures that the seven pilot sites will test. The Model, including a set of performance measures, and additional resources (including an Implementation Guide), are being published throughout the SAJI to enable any jurisdiction to improve its response to sexual violence.


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