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New Approaches to Policing High-Risk Intimate Partner Victims

New Approaches to Policing High-Risk Intimate Partner Victims Online Resource
National Institute of Justice
Office on Violence Against Women
Backes, Bethany L.
Kaufman, Joy S.
Maxwell, Christopher D.
Sullivan, Tami P.
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New Approaches to Policing High-Risk Intimate Partner Victims and Those Committing the Crimes

Publication Date: Jun 2020

Currently in the U.S., there are two victim-focused models of intimate partner violence risk assessment. These are the Lethality Assessment Program and the Domestic Violence High-Risk Team model. While recent evidence about these interventions is promising, more in-depth research is needed to confirm these collaborative risk assessment models are evidence-based. Consequently, in 2012, The National Institute of Justice and the Office on Violence Against Women deployed the Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Demonstration Initiative to further expand the evidence about how these models function and how they impact survivors and the criminal justice and service systems.


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